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Homestead Cows
Every farm needs a cow – open the gates!

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With an approach built around investing for the long term, Homestead Cows prepares homesteaders and small farmers to open the farm gate to cattle, whether a single milk cow or a small beef herd.

Homestead Cows covers the A to Z of husbandry:

  • Cow history, biology, diet, and nutrition

  • Understanding what you want, what's involved, and creating a plan

  • Selecting breeds and determining herd size

  • Housing and facilities, transportation, and equipment

  • Financial management and the dollars and cents of cows

  • Breeding and reproduction

  • Cow health and happiness, including safety, handling, and good husbandry

  • Processing, products, and cooking.

Cattle are the most productive, versatile, and low-input sources of food and revenue on the farm and can help regenerate and build soil. The secret to success is excellent management, and Homestead Cows distills decades of hard-won, practical knowledge into an essential guide to successful small-scale cattle farming for every homesteader and farmer.

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Homestead Cows: The Complete Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy Cattle is an excellent book for anyone interested in raising their own cattle. This book is chock-full of fantastic information useful for experienced cattlemen and novice farmers alike. I would feel confident putting this book in someone's hand and knowing they have all the information they need to raise their own cattle. Callene and Eric did an excellent job writing a book that was easy and enjoyable to read! 

Emily Nyman, Photographer, Living History Reenactor, and Heritage livestock expert

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