The American Blue and White Rabbit is one of the oldest breeds developed in the United States.  Like the population of the United States itself, the American rabbit is a melting pot of several different breeds.

Developed as a dual purpose fur and meat breed, the American is a fast growing, laid back rabbit, with does reaching an idea senior weight of eleven pounds and bucks, ten.

Lewis Salisbury of California developed the American Blue in 1917, and the breed immediately became hugely popular, with a breeding age doe priced at an unheard of $25.  The white variety  was introduced in 1925.

Rabbits were a mainstay of the family farm until after WWII, when the dramatic shift from the farm to the city left many breeds languishing and becoming rare.  With the development of commercial strains and crosses, the American became the rarest breed of rabbit in the united states.

The American exhibits a "mandolin" type body, which means that it looks rather like a mandolin turned upside down.  It has a long loin, which is the best cut of meat.
Glenda, and her litter.  Look at  the fiercely protective look on her face!  Ain't no photo  op without mama!
Jr. American buck.
Full nest box!