Silver Fox
The Silver Fox is another uniquely American breed, develped by Walter Garland of Canton, Ohio in the early 1920's.  It was recognized in 1925 as the American Heavyweight Silver, but the name was changed in 1929 to American Silver Fox.  It is found nowhere else in the world.

The Silver Fox is unique in its coat, which is described in the ARBA Standard of Perfection as a "standing" meaning when rubbed the wrong way, it will not lie down until stroked back the right way, and is longer than normal breeds of fur.

The Silver Fox also has one of the highest dressing percentages of any breed, reportedly 65%.

The breed was nearly extinct in the early 70's. Originally there were two varieties, black and blue, but the blue has been dropped from ARBA's standard due to too few numbers shown at convention.  A dedicated group of breeders is trying to get blue recognized again.

Like many of the large breeds Silver Fox's are docile, and easy for even children to handle and show.  Does are excellent mothers and raise large litters which make weight quickly.