Breeding Stock

We get numerous requests for breeding stock.  We are very particular about what we sell, because we don't want anything in your barn we wouldn't want in ours.  Litters are born year round, so if you are interested in getting rabbits from us, it will just be a matter of time and patience.  Please contact us to find out what is available and where you stand on the waiting list.  We do give preference to ALBC members. 

Our "Rare Hares" can be seen on exhibit at Tilly Foster Farm in New York, and at the Sedgwick County Zoo's Education Department in Wichita, KS.  We also have rabbits at the Heifer International Ranch in Arkansas.

We prefer you to come pick up your rabbits, but if that is not possible, shipping can be arranged.  Be aware that shipping by air can be quite expensive.  We have successfully shipped rabbits from Kansas to California and New York.
American Chinchilla with something to say about having her kids photographed!
Fat, happy, American Blues
Snoozing Blanc de Hotot
Fat, happy, Silver Fox