American Chinchilla
Another uniquely American breed, the Chinchilla rabbit was developed to replicate the fur of the South American Chinchilla.   It was so popular as a fur breed that between November, 1928 to November 1929, over 17,000 Chinchilla rabbits were registered with the American Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Association.

There are three Chinchilla breeds, the Standard, the Giant, and the American, and while they have different weight standards, they all share the same beautiful fur.  While at first glance the rabbit appears speckled, it is actually a precise placement of five individual rings on each hair that gives it the unique shading.

American Chinchilla were also useful as a meat breed, with bucks weighing 9-11 lbs and does 10-12.

With the decline of the fur industry, the Chinchilla breeds fell out of favor, kept alive by a few dedicated breeders.